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When: 20 March 2015, 17:01


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The city of Rome is itself the biggest museum in the world. It is the city with the highest concentration of historical, artistic  and architectural treasures in the world

During the 3.000 years of its history, it has been the capital of the Roman Empire, extending on the whole of Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, and, later, of the Papal State.

Even without going to any museum, Rome would be worth a visit. You might stroll around  the streets of the city, go to the Pantheon, the best preserved ancient Roman temple, to the Mercati di Traiano, where you could get a magnificent view of the centre of Rome. Climb the Capitolin Hill, to dominate a view that extends from the Roman Forums, to the Colosseum and the Basilica of St.Peter’s in the Vatican with its monumental Cupola. Put your hand into the famous “Mouth of Truth” and find out who’s telling lies… and don’t forget the spectacular Trevi Fountain, the glamorous stairs of  Piazza di Spagna, the elegant Piazza Navona, or just sit and enjoy a foamy cappuccino in Campo de’ Fiori: you will see how every corner, every street, every piazza in this unique city will provide extraordinary and unforgettable experiences, which the whole family will be able to appreciate.

It might be helpful to tell your children a little bit about Rome’s past and, if possibile, try and buy a book about Rome for them before the trip, so as to allow them to enjoy the visit to the ruins and the monuments as an exciting journey through time and history.

Here are a few useful links, we especially recommend the first one, which is specifically addressed to children and is in 4 languages:

Following are a few suggestions that KAT has selected for you and your children.

The activities marked with the APPROVED BY KAT’S KIDS have been tested directly by our kids’ equipe!

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